When travelers want to spend a night or more at a vacation destination, or business executives are planning to attend a convention in a different city, they contact for hotel reservations.

• We fulfill reservation requests by conducting the reservation inquiry, determining the rooms available to meet customer desires.
• Determining the room and rates availability
• Explain hotel policies and features.
• Verify customer information and payment options, assign rooms and respond to customers with confirmation emails or letters.
• Guaranteed Reservations(Booking): Insures that the hotel will hold a room for the guest until a specific time following the guest’s scheduled arrival date. On return, the guest shall guarantee his/her reservation of room unless reservation is properly canceled. In order to guarantee a reservation, guests fulfill the prepaying conditions.
• Non-guaranteed Reservations(Blocking): Insures that the hotel agrees to hold a room for the guest until a agreed time. Thereafter it is open for booking for all.
• Briefing cancellation policies.