||TD-COMPANION Tour: Himachal Snow view with Amritsar





TD-Companion:  Himachal Snow View with Amritsar

Fixed Touring/Departure Date: 23.01.2014(Wed)


Kolkata Arrival: 02.02.14(Sat)


  • 11 nights (Journey nights: 4 + Shimla: 2 + Manali: 3 + Amritsar: 2)
  • Tour price per adult person: Rs.  17600.00
  • Children above 5 and upto 12: 60% of adult price


Our fixed tour departs as soon as it completes 15 persons(minimum) in a group.


Note: The tour can also be customized as per your preferred dates and number of members. FIT price will be applicable.


Contact for more details @ 94332 45695

Email ids: sudipindia1@rediffmail.com, tdtours@travellers-delight.net